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Get your base tan 2-3 x faster than our lvl 2 sunbeds! 

These beds are a popular option for clients looking to build a beautiful base tan. 

Soltron S-55 QUEEN BERRY

A Royal Rendezvous this bed is powerful, luxurious and beautiful. With its combination of UV performance, comfortable features and class-leading design, you will be treated like royalty.


• 12 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule

• 42 Turbo Power UV Lamps (160W in the canopy and 180W, 2-meter length in the base)

• 4 Facial Tanners at 400 Watts Each with PSR Technology


• Full Air Conditioning

• Soft-touch Control Panel with LED Display

• Infrared (IR) Interface

• Optional: stereo sound system

Soltron S-45 HOT PEPPER

The "S" in S-45 Hot Pepper stands for sexy and spicy. This hot model is designed to appeal to a wide audience of tanning enthusiasts! 


• 12 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule

• 42 x 160 Watt Turbo Power UV Lamps

• 3 x 400 Watt PSR/Soltron2 High-Pressure Facial Tanners

• Reflex Neck Tanner


• Soltron Fan with Additional Face Ventilation

• Stereo Speakers in Canopy

• Soft-touch Control Panel with LED Display

• Infrared (IR) Interface

Ergoline Essence 48 &


Exterior colors vary by location

Spring is always in season in the luscious Soltron VS-55 Pineapple Park! The interior design features an innovative, decorative acrylic glass platform that you will absolutely love! Its comfortable full-length handles, easy-touch control panel with intuitive symbols and standard sound system with MP3 player connection make this unit a joy to use. The overhead Soltron Fan ventilation adds a tropical breeze. Plus, the large interior allows more tanning freedom and truly makes any session a walk in the park!


• 9 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule

• 48 x 200 Watt Smart Power, 2-Meter Tall UV Lamps 


• Overhead Soltron Fan

• Comfortable Full-Length Handles

• Easy-Touch Control Panel with LED Display

• Sound System with MP3 Player Connection

What our customers are saying

I would drive hours to tan in this establishment! It is a wonderful place that has a wonderful staff! Always so happy and helpful!! If you want to just tan then go to any old tanning place but if you want an EXPERIENCE then go to Tangerines!! You won't be sorry!! 😊😊😍

Tiffany B.- Google Review

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